Concert hall "Nowa Miodowa"

Rakowiecka 21

The building at Rakowiecka 21 has always been associated with children - it was built in 1901 as an orphanage for girls and served as one until 2009. For many years abandoned and decaying, today, expanded with a modern music section, it has become a school - a home for music education and, at the same time, for the highest quality music.

At its heart, as the goal of an educational musical journey lays a concert hall, the mastery and precision of which inspires young people to work tirelessly and to achieve the level of performance of professional musicians and artists who are invited at concerts.

Our goal was to create a sound with high levels of richness and clarity at the same time.

Yasuhisa Toyota Nagata Acoustics

Concert Hall design

The concert hall was designed by Tomasz Konior and Konior Studio - the team responsible, among others for the headquarters of the Academy of Music in Katowice, and above all for the fantastic headquarters of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Acoustics of the hall was supervised by master Yasuhisa Toyota – director and chief designer of the renowned acoustic engineering company Nagata Acoustics from Los Angeles and Tokyo, author of the remarkable Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Bard College Performing Arts in New York, Suntory Hall in Tokyo and many other top concert halls in the world.

The hall can accommodate an audience of 305 people. It is also a recording studio with its own control room..


Stay close to the music

We invite you to an intimate, extraordinary space filled with natural wood, the intimate arrangement of which makes the viewer always close to artists and music. It is a space that allows the listener to meet the musician in an unexpected way - they remain close to each other, and the perfect acoustics allows them to stay in touch and exchange the energy flowing from each sound, which takes a spinning journey towards the ceiling suspended at a height of 14 m and acoustic systems, allows you to experience a unique perfection and an almost private meeting.

Iwona Waga-Parafiniak
Director of ZPSM No. 1 in Warsaw